2. The fish face


The wife who was seeing swim race of ” the player of the swimming is the face of the fish ” on TV said.
” The xxx player is a rust ” ” the @@@ player is a saury ” ” there are all eyes in a row sideways at the face in the pointed triangle ” ” it was evolved to swim fast ” ” the woman swim race player whose the genius girl was said about before was a brill face if saying so ”

The wife is learning swimming in this about 1 year, the local sports club.
Her face was sharp gradually.
It left in the interval of the eyes on either side, too.
The skin of the face, too, was hard and became skin with minute circular thin piled skin.

3 years passed including the swimming.
As for the face of the wife, the mouth and the jaw were sharp before, eyes were covered to just beside, the skin was covered with the silver scale and fully, it became the head of the horse mackerel.






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