8. The day of the clean


Today is the day of the clean after 2 months.
Even if it says a clean, it is not the clean of the room and the clean of the park, and so on.
Today is the day of the clean of the brain after 2 months.
There are many wrinkles in the cerebral surface.
The one like dirt accumulates to the wrinkle.
If 1 organ is internal organs, the inside is always washed with the digestive juices and so on and dirt and so on don’t accumulate, and the outside attaches to the other organ and the muscle, the bone and so on and there is not a place where dirt and so on accumulate.
Because the brain only fits into the cranium on the one hand, for there to be a crack in the wrinkle part and to be never washed, material accumulates.
It is a foul story but when dirt collects in the surface of the body, it becomes itchy.
When dirt saves up in the cerebral surface like it, the brain becomes itchy.
The technology which cleans a cerebral surface about which it will be possible to say medicine in recent years to improve was developed and the regularly cleaning person increased.
Because the brain appears when the way opens to open a lid, simple with being unexpected, peeling off scalp and cutting a cranium in a row sideways, it scours off the surface with the special cleaning solution.
When the clean ends, it pastes together a cranium and scalp with the appliance.
If having put the appliance once, it only removes the appliance from the 2nd and by opening a cranium, the brain becomes able to be washed.
Of course, while cleaning up, it is in the condition to have slept with the general anesthesia.
Cerebral itself is because it must make the condition that there is not consciousness beforehand because it is anyhow a brain even if it feels never a pain while cleaning up because it doesn’t have a sense of pain.
After clean of the brain, it gets the feeling for which it isn’t very much possible to be said and it is simple.
It came out of the anesthesia in a mood that the 2 hour clean ends today, too, and that it is simple.
The return gait, too, is light.
Already, the clean of the brain every 3 months becomes essential to itself.

Some day, news were called off.
I knew that it was essential for the material which accumulates to the wrinkle of the brain to keep a brain normally, not being dirt and garbage and secreting the ingredient which maintains a communicative function.
By the research after that, it was equipped with the reserve feature of the good man bacteria, it became a place of the inhabiting by the cellulose decomposition bacteria and it is by the story as an essential thing was proved that, ever, an appendix was supposed should remove by there being bionomy, being said to be an unnecessary organ and that there was not no malfunction of the appendicitis and so on, too, in case of immunity feature.
The world became a umultuousness.
Does the brain never bring about a malfunction about whether or not there is not an influence over the life?
The question poured into the hospital and health care organization.
After that, even if it removed the material by the clean and so on, I knew doing all accumulation newly within 2 months and for the time being, doing was relieved.
It went to the clean every 3 months because it, too, was naturally.

Since then, on the day of the clean of the brain, it passed away.

By the way, today is the day of the clean of the heart after the half year.

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