1. The man who was called a chance


He was congenitally the special bald head symptom which has only a forelock.
When the discretion came to go out alone, on, it often sometimes caught in the few forelocks to the miss style.
When becoming a member of society, graduating from the college, it comes to know various knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.
The accident but its knowing the God of the chance when passing for several months including the working for a company
When the God of the chance doesn’t catch a forelock, taking the moment because he has only the forelock and it passes at full speed, the God of the chance runs away.

He often knew why being caught was for the first time in the forelock in this life.
It knew him be called ” the chance ” in the company, supposing that it is the time before and behind back and forth.
Since joining, in the company, it often sometimes caught in the forelock.
The catching partner floats the smiling with a pleasant smile and it passes by him.
If attempting to look back, the staff who caught his forelock had the person to have solved trouble and to have made a project succeed or to have been promoted, too.

As for him, originally, as for the soft character, too, fortunately, doing, in the company, in fitting bullying and a power harassment or the fact of being pretty convenient, not being but getting promoted above all, any years passed by the well saying mere clerk.
In the downtown, it sometimes catches as usual in the forelock in the company.
Indeed, for other many years, in the forelock, when continuing to catch, it became troublesome gradually.
Some day, he came to put on a hat when going out.
It came to do work, covering a field-cap, offering transfer to the factory working in the company.
The previous workplace was a clerical job, but the staff there didn’t express but seemed very regrettable.

Some holiday, he passed in front of the lottery counter.
Somehow, it decided to buy a lottery by several sheets.
When receiving a lottery, the small insect stayed a little at the forelock which was stuck out of in the edge of the hat.
He caught the insect with the forelock with one hand.

After a while, he was moved to the condominium in Tokyo, resigning from the company and leaving a poor apartment.
Then, it married the beauty as the person, too, envies, it drove, it drank a deluxe car all night long in the every night in the classy club and it did the limit of the spree.
The chance could be able to become available anytime.

There is not a paulownia in the greed of the person.
For him, the unprecedented biggest chance came.
The strength of the greed of ” it does the thing by all means ” him reached the summit.
He caught his forelock, charging with the power of the whole body with full force.
At the same time as catching with full force, it had pulled out a forelock completely just as it is.

Several months later, there was an appearance with one piece of homeless in a certain park in the Metropolitan area.
By the head, it receded and had the bruise as if to have had hair pulled out in the sum.

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