3. The man who has two faces


At the bone of his face, some had a joint.
Generally, the face of the person shows various looks by moving a complicatedly set mimic-muscle finely.
As for him, the bone itself of of the zygoma and the eye socket and so on part’s having a joint in addition to it, too, came to move and the structure of the face and characteristic itself in addition to the look, too, changed.
For the joint to be able to do only a simple movement even if it said so, the change had only two kinds.
Therefore, he could show separate second of a face by the time.
He was native and at once, as for the face of the baby, when crying, as for 以外, because there was not a change, his face never changed.
The change to understand the face of two, wasn’t seen.
When several weeks came to show a look little by little, passing, born, it sometimes came to change into two faces.
A mother was surprised when the face changed a little while looking away and another child was sleeping.
Originally, because it is putting on, saying whether or not its head became strange, while confused, the clothes have returned to the original face suddenly about whether or not contents were replaced.
Saying being an imagination, then, it returns calmly.
While a such thing was repeated, the family came to recognize the change of his face.
Of course, the parents consulted a doctor and understood the mystery of his face.
Because the doctor said that he wanted to release in the society but he was not a thing with honor for the parents, he refused this.

He himself began to be conscious that he had two faces from the vicinity which became the age that it who am reflected in the mirror can be recognized in case of anyhow and his saying.
Only, it has never moved the joint of the face, conscious of it by itself and the face always changed suddenly.
While touching my face, I noticed the existence of the joint about why the face changed.
It tried to change a face, conscious by itself but it doesn’t work out.
Because, it was because the muscle to move the joint of the face wasn’t stuck.
If being the joint of the arm and the leg, the muscle can bend an arm and a leg by the shrinkage of the muscle, leading to the bone but the face doesn’t have the muscle which moves a bone even if there is a mimic-muscle.
At the point, he, too, was the same.
However, because the face changes with the movement of the joint, the joint should be able to be moved.
He began the practice to move the joint of the face, moving a mimic-muscle variously.
Originally, the mimic-muscle could not move the joint of the face easily to think not to move a joint with the bone of the face not having but he continued a practice without giving up.

The person is rewarded if he makes an effort.
At last, he became able to change a face freely by moving the joint of the face.
Before entering an elementary school, it became possible to do it.
If going to the elementary school in front of it, probably, he seemed creepy from the neighborhood and the eyes could have seen fitting bullying.
By good fortune, before elementary school entrance, the face became able to be controlled by itself by his own consciousness and effort and the school never agreed with the bullying, too.

The face can be changed.
What a convenient thing is this?
He used a usual face, the face and two when doing a bad thing.
As for the human being, when doing a bad thing, the heart, too, becomes a bad heart.
He, too, becomes a face for the bad thing when doing a bad thing and becomes a bad heart.
The face and the heart became synchronous and even if it wasn’t conscious when doing a bad thing, they came to become a face for the bad thing.

A heart is expressed in the face.
As for him, having become a face for the bad thing automatically when thinking of the bad thing suddenly, too, usually came to happen often.

The face reflects feelings.
For example, while looking at the mirror, being arbitrary, it attempts to change a face for usually into the face for the bad thing.
Then, in that case, the heart becomes a bad heart.
When returning to the face for usually, it returns to the usual heart.
When making a face for the bad thing even if it doesn’t look at the mirror, it becomes a bad heart.

The heart and the character lead.
The character connects with the character.
The bad face and the bad heart
The usual face and the usual heart
The bad face and the bad character
The usual face and the usual character
Two characters came to exist at him.
Each character appears with the change of the face.
Unconsciously, when the face changes, the character according to it appears.
When any bounce changes to the face of the business badly at the time of the face for usually, while consciousnessless suddenly, the bad character appears.
Sometimes doing the converse, too
When the interval of the change is short, the change of the character doesn’t catch up and two characters sometimes coexist.
In that case, the crash of the character happens and the crash in the heart happens.

That the character conflicted gradually increased.
Each character had an ego and came to try to appear always in the table.
He could not control a character by himself.

At last, his character failed.
Two characters conflicted and after breaking down, they led to the destruction of the character.

He who is lookless who is complete who put on a different face which, too, is not which of two faces to a room of some mental hospital is there.

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