7. The plantain flower


After a long time, it found a plantain flower.
As for the plantain flower, that the egg of the ellipse which is clear to the end of the thin thread of several millimeters with the roe of the lacewing, being white hung stands in line in the back of two, the leaf.
The ordinariness puts only one but sometimes puts more than one egg sometimes.
The clear whiteness is beautiful and is pretty.
The name, the plantain flower, comes from floral ” the plantain flower ” of the fictitiously.

When seeing, one of the eggs is moving in the creeping.
A breach was in the meantime included in the boiling, the egg lengthwise and the one which seems to be a larva from inside peeped.
When seeing well, it has a form like a small person.
While being so in this way, the larva fell with a thud from the break of the egg to the ground.
It had gone somewhere, running bamboo grass quickly when it stood up with two legs.
When noticing, the break forms in another egg, too, and the person -shaped larva is moving.
Suddenly, the strong wind blew and quivered a leaf.
The egg danced in the sky to be gulped by the wind and to get away from the leaf smoothly.
The white thread flew just as it is to the hit of the 2nd floor windows.

Some night which passed for a while, it was possible to hear laughter from the room of the 2nd floor daughters.
It is possible to hear the voice to sing, too.
It is possible to hear the voice as it is speaking to someone, too.
That the child speaks to the stuffed animal is being ordinary.

The next day, the wife asked the daughter.
” At night yesterday, it was pleasant. ”
” Yeah ”
” Whose and were you talking? ”
” Well, manikin and it was playing. ”
Speaking to others as if there is a creature of the imagination just like before the very eyes is being ordinary to the child.

” See The insect that something is beautiful. ”
Saying that it was falling when the wife was cleaning the room of the daughter, it brought expressly.
The feather which is clear thin to the body of the The thin green color.
It is the corpse of the lacewing.
It is possible to live only on the 1st after making the imago of the lacewing a feather.
Comparing to doing the ephemeral, there is a word to say to be ” the life of the dragonfly “.

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