4. The spider’s silk


He continued living under medical treatment for a long time.
Such a day to be, the thin thread which shines in the shining and the silver before the very eyes of him who lies down in the bed at the hospital hung as usual.
When seeing, it was a spider’s silk.
On his eyes, in the several centimeter place, the thread stopped.
He remembered novel ” the spider’s silk ” which was read before.
However, as for his not being hellishly like a hero of the novel, too, turning-down is wanted by the ill floor at the hospital.
He thought that it is ” don’t be different ” but on probation, it attempted to catch the thread with one hand.
There was a feel of the thread at the hand.
It seems that it is robuster than thinking.
When attempting to pull to haul already a thread in with the hand of the one and to move it, the upper part of the body became just as it is the tide which rises from the bed.
While hauling a thread just as it is in with both hands, his body left a bed and in the spider’s silk, it rose up up up.
Without being conscious of anything, it rose for a while but in some place, it returned to me suddenly.
The hellish very greedy persons were to go up the back of himself from under the novel.
He saw the bottom.
The bed that it lay down until a short while ago under being distant could have been seen.
The hellish very greedy persons don’t rise.
It is it that is being caught by the spider’s silk.
He who was relieved rose up up up, being steadily caught by the thread after that.
In how much time, it will have risen.
The one that the haze like cloud overcame up could have been seen.
He thought that it attempted to go there.
When continuing to rise, the appearance of someone could have been seen from the edge of cloud.
When rising more, I knew that it was the appearance of the Buddha.
It glittered and it was the solemn appearance.
When he arrived at the edge of cloud, the Buddha extended one hand to him.
He grasped the hand.
The hand was a creepy feel coldly
Unconsciously, he broke free of the grasped hand.
In the following moment, he fell headlong.

” The pulse returned. ”
The voice of the family who calls him and then, in ” the mountain pass crossed be relieved ” ” thank you for the teacher ”
Vaguely, he opened eyes.
There were a family who peeps into him, and a doctor, nursing teacher there.

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